Top 10 Tuesday – Top Ten Books I’d Give A Theme Song To

Each Tuesday The Broke and The Bookish provide a book related Top 10 theme.

This was a difficult post to write.  I don’t naturally assign songs to books as much I like both music and books.  So none of these were slam dunks for me.  I tend to go more with how the song makes me feel regardless of the lyrics.  If the emotion I get from the song matches the emotions evoked from the book that’s what I chose (for the most part).

  Book Song
1. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell Drive-by by Train
The lyrics aren’t perfect, but the song feels like Lincoln to me.
2. Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger Crazy B*tch by Buckcherry
The title of the song just encapsulates Miranda Priestly.
3. Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer Defying Gravity – GLEE version
I LOVE the song Defying Gravity.  It’s hard to explain why these go together in my head so well.  When I was reading the Twilight series I was obsessed – read them all thru twice before I ever stopped to really think about them.  It wasn’t until I stopped reading that I went back and they started to drive me a little crazy.  I was equally obsessed with this song at first.  If the name of the song was “Defying Sanity” it would perfectly describe Breaking Dawn.
4. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins Set Fire to the Rain by Adele
I know Adele is singing about a breakup but the emotion and urgency of this song (plus the fire reference) reminds me of The Hunger Games
5. Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson Listen by Beyonce (Dreamgirls soundtrack)
Another one where I’m going by the feel of the music over lyrical content.  In Speak, Melinda’s silence felt like she was screaming to be heard and there’s an intensity to the song the has that same feeling to me.
6. Wicked Prey by John Sandford Rip Tide by Sick Puppies
There are 20+ Prey novels from John Sandford usually all from Lucas Davenport (badass cop protaganist) and the criminals viewpoint.  In this book Sandford switches it up and includes portions of the book from Lucas’s teenage adopted daughter’s POV.  Lexi has had a hard life and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of her and this song works.
7. The Summer I turned Pretty by Jenny Han We’re Young and Beautiful by Carrie Underwood
This novel (it’s a trilogy) is fairly stereotypical YA romance with a love triangle.  Every character is beautiful and young.  The song just fits.
8. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy My Favorite Things by John Coltrane
My brief thoughts on Anna Karenina – good underlying story buried in 400 spare pages about politics and farming.  So when I was thinking of a song to go with it my first thought was Jazz.  I don’t get jazz – it is interminable for me.  Anyway I picked a story I would like except it’s to long and unwieldy and paired it with a song I like in most versions but that in this version I think is way too long and unwieldy.  Seriously I really don’t get Jazz.
9. Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophia Kinsella Let’s talk about ME by Toby Keith
I really like this book, but really by the end of it the guy should have been saying “Let’s talk about ME”.  The main female character talked A LOT.
10. Tell Me Something True by Leila Cobo Bring Me to Life by Evanescence
This Evanescence song feels like falling in love but with a dark side and that works with this book.  An affluent girl from California falls for a drug kingpin’s son in Columbia.  The son is not involved in the drugs, but their relationship never feels free of that baggage.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday – Top Ten Books I’d Give A Theme Song To

  1. Jordyn says:

    The Hunger Games song is just so so so so so good. Fits so well I think. I think it’s my favorite song for HG that I’ve seen so far on these posts.

  2. Haha! Crazy B*tch and The Devil Wears Prada really are a perfect match

  3. Allison says:

    Interesting pick with Breaking Dawn and Defying Gravity!

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