Top 10 Tuesday – Top Ten Books I’d play hooky with

Each Tuesday The Broke and The Bookish provide a book related Top 10 theme.

In all honesty I’d love to play hooky with most books – including re-reads, but then I’d have no income to support my book habit. 

The first four are books I remember actually playing hooky with:

1 – 3.  Three to Get Ready, Four To Score, and High Five by Janet Evanovich. 

 I was in my second year of college and over the weekend I’d gone home and my parents had the first two Stephanie Plum books.  I read them both over the weekend.  Back at school I knew there were three more out that I hadn’t read,  so on my way to class one day I stopped at the bookstore and picked them up….and then went back to my dorm room instead of class and read all three.  I didn’t go to class at all that day.

4.  Did You Hear About Amber? by Cherie Bennett

I didn’t physically skip school for this one – just mentally.   I got caught reading it during Algebra in eighth grade.  My teachers caught me reading with some regularity in middle school, but this was the only one who told my parents (it still ticks me off because I had a very comfortable A in that class).  My parents grounded me from my books for a month.

And six books I’d currently love to play hooky with

5.  Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry 

I really want to read this one, but it’s a big book and I want to have time to read it without stressing.

 6.  Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

This doesn’t get released until 2013 in theUS, but I splurged a little and order it from Amazon UK.  It will get here at the end of April, and I would definitely love to sneak out and read this one.

 7.  The Twelve by Justin Cronin

Okay so this isn’t out yet, but I cannot wait for it so if it comes out on a Tuesday, I might feel a bit of a flu coming on.

 8.  Looking for Alaska by John Green

I just read “The Fault in Our Stars” and loved it and am just waiting for the right relaxing time to sit down with this one (work has been crazy lately and I’ve been sticking to rereads).

 9.   Stay Close by Harlan Coben

One of my favorite authors and it should arrive at my house any day now!

 10.  Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris

Road trip book.  I’m not a fan of audio books in general, but David Sedaris is even funnier when you listen to him read his own stories.


4 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday – Top Ten Books I’d play hooky with

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I think it is hilarious that your parents grounded you from books! That never happened to me, but my mom threatened it a lot. And I love listening to David Sedaris books on road trips… they are almost the only audiobooks my husband and I can agree on!

    • 2manychoices says:

      Yeah it’s a funny story now. At the time it really stunk! But it was definitely an appropriate punishment.

      David Sedaris can actually be a little dangerous on road trips. Sometimes l laugh so hard I cry. Blurry vision + driving = not good.

  2. Robin says:

    One of the parents here (love ya, honey!). The middle-school grounding may not have been the worst of our keep-the-kid-from-her-books crimes. Early in her childhood we found that a timeout to her bedroom was low consequence, high reward because that’s where her extensive library of Sweet Valley Twins books lived. So for a few years Brandyn served her timeouts in the bathroom.

    I think it’s asking a lot of two people who don’t know how to put a good book down to raise a child with that skill.

    • Yeah but your other child DID have the skill to put a book down and between the three of us he’s lost the ability.

      In case you were wondering I can no longer name all Sweet Valley Twins books by number.

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