Updating My Kitchen

I haven’t had as much time to read lately because I am actually attempting to update my kitchen!  I’m doing as much myself as possible so I thought I would share the journey.   This is what my kitchen looked like when I moved into the house (2.5 years ago – I don’t know how I’ve waited so long to fix it!).

There’s no picture of the light fixture, but it’s one of these disasters.  Seriously it’s like someone was a work one day and thought “Working under flourescent lights is Awesome – I’m going to put one in my kitchen!”.

So here’s my full list of what I want to do in the kitchen.  It will probably take me the better part of a year to finish it all but here’s to one step at a time.

  • Buy a hutch/additional cabinets
  • Eliminate the nasty light fixture and do something like this but the center fixture will be a semi flush mount.  My ceilings aren’t high enough for that chandelier.

  •  Change out the light fixture over the eat-in area.
  • Refinish the cabinets in a dark brown.  I haven’t decided whether to sand them down and commit to painting them or trying Rustoleum’s Cabinet Transformations.  I think paint might be slightly less expensive, but Cabinet Tranformations seems a little less labor intensive and is water based.  Oil based paint and my dog makes me nervous!
  • Paint the walls a neutral color – probably a creamy white.  I like color and have it in most rooms in my house but the kitchen has been dark for so long I want something bright.
  • Find new window coverings – vertical blinds are ugly and a pain!
  • Replace the countertops.  I’ll probably price a white Corian, but end up just getting new laminate. 
  • Put in a glass tile backspash – I’m hoping to find a mix of red, white, and clear tiles.
  • New sink
  • Run a gas line to the kitchen, I hope.  It will depend on price because this is not something I’m comfortable DIYing.
  • Buy new appliances.  If I can’t do it all at once this is the order they’ll happen.
    • Oven/Microwave
    • Refrigerator
    • Dishwasher – This may be a ways down the line.  This one works great and dishwashers have such a short life span I don’t want to waste a min of one.
  • Learn to cook ; )

Anything in green on the list I plan on paying at least for some help – I’ll do as much as I can myself!


2 thoughts on “Updating My Kitchen

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Sounds like a lot of work, but I look forward to seeing your transformations! I’m a bit of an HGTV addict. I don’t even own my home, but I have already redesigned the kitchen in my head!

    • 2manychoices says:

      It is a little overwhelming. That’s why I broke it into so many different pieces and am planning for it to take a year to finish (that way I can spread out the cost as well). I think I’ll be able to cross off the first two bullet points by the end of the month and that will definitely motivate me to continue. There aren’t words for how much I hate the flourescent light.

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